Wait? What the hell is this?

Reading 🌈 Rainbow for Prison Inmates

I’m starting the first ever Instagram Book Club! But, there’s a kicker, which I’ll explain below.



  1. Every month, I recommend a book for everyone involved to read.
  2. Those in the book club, will go to my website and purchase that book through the link I provide on this webpage (as you can see below).
  3. That will generate money because I’ve signed up with Amazon as an affiliate.
  4. We’ll discuss various topics of the book on IG posts throughout the month, and the last week of the month do a full recap via post, where people can comment and provide their opinions and insight about the book. Tag people, and we’ll collectively learn.
  5. The next month will come, I’ll choose another book, and we’ll repeat the process.


THE KICKER: All of the money we generate on the affiliate link (whenever we buy our books) will be used to buy books for inmates in prison! I’ll show the total dollar amount and receipts of the purchase so that there’s full transparency. I’ll donate the books to the nonprofit I’m involved with called The Last Mile (we go into prisons and teach inmates how to computer program). That way we’re not only reading for our own benefit, because clearly reading makes you ripped, but also for the benefit of others!


THE GOAL: To see how many books we can donate every month. Tell friends, family, tag people in posts, let’s get these numbers high. It would be AWESOME to be see a steady increase of donated books every month. I’ll post all of the money we generate every month, and post the number of books we donate!


April’s Book

May Reading

Coming soon…