Founder and investor.

Sold @getduedilly in '22 (3rd exit).
Taught myself to code in prison w/o internet ⛓️‍💥
More jacked than your co-founder.


Andrew Medal Is The Entrepreneur Breaking All Of The Rules And Disrupting Tech


Medal Is A Branding And Marketing Genius

–Inc. Magazine

These Are A Must-Have For Every C-Suite Exec, '6 Prison Life Hacks That Will Maximize Your Productivity'

–TIME Magazine

Hello World: This Entrepreneur Taught Himself To Code Without Internet… In Prison

–The Next Web (TNW)

Venice Pop-Up Invites Attendees To ‘Eat Like
An Inmate’ to promote the hilarious new book
'Don't Drop the Soap'

–CBS News

Yo, I'm Andrew.

I'm an entrepreneur and angel investor. I like to build, buy, scale, and sell internet companies.

I sold my last startup in 2022, and had 2 exits before that one.

I'm also a devoted husband and father of two amazing daughters. Oh, and I've had some run-ins with the law.




$60m by 24

Age 24 co-founded nutrition company and scaled to $60m <5 years.

Coding in Prison

Due to fight @22 went to prison but taught myself how to code w/o web.

Action & Ambition

Podcast & Video show highlighting backstories of incredible resiliency.

Giving Back

Been giving back to the prison population since 2013.

SaaS Portfolio

Focused on buying/building bootstrapped profitable SaaS co.

Returned Citizens

Working with corporations to hire returned citizens.

⚡Forbes Coverage⚡

Andrew Medal Is The Ex-Convict Entrepreneur Breaking All Of The Rules And Disrupting Tech

CBS NEWS: Venice Pop-Up Invites Attendees To 'Eat Like An Inmate'

Entrepreneur and former inmate Andrew Medal recently released a new book about life in prison in an attempt to lessen the stigma surrounding those who have served time and raise awareness of the need for prison reform.

Prank the media
Raise awareness about reform
Become a bestseller

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Season 4 (Coming Soon): Action & Ambition

Nipsey Hussle (RIP)

Season 2: Action & Ambition

Damon Dash

Season 1: Action & Ambition

Tito Ortiz

Season 3: Action & Ambition

Oscar De La Hoya

Season 4 (Coming Soon): Action & Ambition


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        Random questions from business partners, clients and press.

        Do you ever sleep?

        Yes, lol. I've just designed my life in a way that allows me to accomplish everything I desire. I am militant in many ways with my time, but also flexible with how I accomplish goals. I try to sleep 7-8 hours, although I now have a daughter so I sleep when she lets me, lol.

        Did you go to prison?

        Did you read any of my website? Lol! Yes, please read 'My Story' here:

        How can we work together?

        Send me details in the contact form below of what you're envisioning.

        Can you consult me?

        I'm sometimes open to consulting work. It depends on the industry, goals, deliverables and of course your budget. I'm not cheap. Send me a message on the contact form below and we can figure out if it's a fit for both of us.

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        Send me details on the contact form below.

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        Maybe. Send me details below through the contact form.

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        Because I value my time.

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